How to Learn New Things at Home ( My Daily Journal #4/January 18, 2021 )

Try New things


A Journal,

    It is very essential that we know what we really want in life. This is where the list of things We want to learn more about comes from.   


    I have noticed this when I got myself thinking one day that I have a lot of things that I want to do in a single day. I was so frustrated that time is so short and I do not seem to have time to do them all. It is that feeling that I want to do all of them all at once and I want it all done and finished.

    I then took a step back and took time to think if I am just aggressive in thinking of them all or just that they are all the things that I want to try doing. Well, I noticed that these are the things that I can do in one location for home. And, that is good because I will not have a hard time thinking about the venue and the time I will spend on transportation. I was not even talking about the things that I will be needing yet.

    So, I took the time to get a pen and a paper and try to list the things that I wanted to do and just did not mind the numbers.

    I was surprised that they were so many. I can not comprehend at that moment how I am going to achieve them all at my age. I cannot even start to think how many of them I can do and maybe I cannot even do half of them. But, it seemed to me at that moment that I can do them one at a time and try not to think of the long list I had.

    So, I just started to organize them all. Segregated them according to category and tried to see the time frame of finishing each one.

    When I noticed that I had this clear picture of what I can do first and then what could be next, I took the liberty to just START DOING the first one. I know that the next one will just follow and the others too.

    I remembered I saw a saying that goes, " Start somewhere and all else will follow ".

    Well, that's it. I just did it. I just made sure that What I can do for the moment with less preparation will be the first ones in line... while preparing the others.

    So, I think it will not be that hard to really learn something at home if you can just list the things that you want first and then assess which ones go first.



Ana Micaela B.


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