How to Keep up with Life by Living it ! ( My Daily Journal #1/Jan.14, 2021 )


Living Life

A Journal,

    Every day seems to be New and Challenging. All the years I have noticed that every single day has its Unique Purpose in Life. It does not even mean it is just the day itself, the Person that experiences it brings about the Uniqueness of it.

    Since this is so, I decided to write a Daily Journal on things that are of sense in Life. The Lesson behind each and every experience is a big thing for me, or else, what is life for? I also believe that people learn from people. We also learn from our day-to-day life. 

    So here it is, a day of seeing things in a distance. Stepping back for a while to breathe and see things in their proper places.

    It is not something new that people nowadays are just so tired of keeping up in life's time and work phase. Most of us seem to forget that we need to rest to revive. In order to go on, one must give time to oneself to refresh and restart.

    Now, why is this so?

    It is not good to keep going without checking on things. We need to assess things if they are still in the right places. Are we doing the right moves toward our goals? Are we still seeing things from the right perspective?

    A lot of us just move forward and go. No looking back, not even looking forward. What I mean by this is that one might be blind already. One may be just moving on because of a certain routine that the body instinctively memorized. It is not even moving with thinking. Most of the time there is no thinking anymore.

    It is very important that we keep up with life in the manner in which we are still living life itself. It should not be like a robotic routine for the sake of just doing things. 

    The joy of doing it should also be genuine.

    So, if you think that you have been keeping up but not really living life? Set things aside for a while and step back. Breathe and Look in a Distance. Maybe drink a coffee or tea.

    This is what I do when I see that I am doing things automatically lately. Doing without thinking. Going on in life without checking on things.

    It is also very important to keep track of things that happen every day so that one may see what was not done and what was done already.

    Maybe a Journal Notebook can help in jotting down notes that are Private and " for your eyes only ". Others call it a Diary.    

    No matter how one does it, keeping up with life, it is still important to see if you are living it.

    So, do not forget that the right way of Keeping up with Life is by Living it.

Ana Micaela B.


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