How to handle Stress ( My Daily Journal #5/January 19, 2021 )


A Journal,   

     Handling stress can be very tricky at times. When people experience stress, they do not know it. When people know they are stressed, they are not.

    The question there is " How do I know I am stressed already? " or " How do I prevent myself from being stressed? "

    For me, I do not manage stress, I want to prevent it from happening.

    I have this experience where all my fears came into my mind and just popped up. I had a hard time ignoring it and still, it was all there. I did not know what to do then. After that I had palpitations and it did not stop for quite a while. then I had a headache and it was as though I like to break into pieces.

    That is why I did not like the idea of just getting into stress and then try to stop it from there. 

    Why could not I just stop it by preventing it to happen? 

    It took me such a long process to learn how to do that but, it is all good.

    So, when I learned how, I treated it as a career of prevention. It paid me well. the benefits are great. I liked that idea, so, I continued doing it.

    So, if one would say that " prevention is better than cure", Yes it is so.

    Handling stress for me is not being in that state as much as possible because I do not want to handle stress, it is stressful to me. hahaha

See Ya

Ana Micaela B.


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