How to Create a Map for your Goals ( My Daily Journal #3/January 16, 2021 )

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A Journal,

    Creating a Map for your goals can be a way to start your goaltending activity. It is essential in each goal to have a map so that we may see where we are going and from where. We can also monitor the tasks that are within the planning stage and all the other things that are in it. We can also have time to really make sure of all the things that we place there if they are all essential in our preparation toward that goal. The need to be Flexible in everything is a must.

    Let me give an example:

    A few months ago, maybe a year if I may, I was already planning to put all the skills I have and that I want to share on the web. Knowing that this can be a good idea to spread the knowledge, I decided to really go for it. 

    But, I was so tangled with the old school style of teaching and training dancers. I also am used to doing workshops in Art for children face to face. My husband and I are also really fond of teaching and creating dances as well. Sometimes we forget that we both as dancers needed time for ourselves too. 

    What I meant with time for ourselves is not just being husband and wife but, the partnership that developed in our relationship that is in dance. We skipped the part when we ourselves are were dancing actual dances. It was inevitable in that situation.

    We met, we danced, we had children, we danced... then we paused.

    But now that we have our own house. We created a dance studio inside and more spaces for all the hobbies that we have, we seem to enjoy everything in one place. It is good. Living Life to the Fullest is always our goal.

    When we noticed that we could not get the contentment that we want in just teaching alone, we sought a solution. We both discovered that what we needed was just To Do It. We have all the time in the world to do it. Since we are home-based, we tried to open tutorials for others and they were all welcome in our house. But, it was not that at all. There was something different. The puzzle did not fit.

    So, as we tried to do things the old way, things just would not go exactly how we planned it. It was all Mapped out. We created a map for it with all the plans and designs on it. We thought since everything went so smooth on the preparation, that that was it. But, sadly it was not.

    So, we just went on and tried to analyze things. A lot of considerations were taken into account as well as thinking that there could be another plan for this. I say this because we thought that the skills that we had were not working anymore.

    Then, there came a happening. The whole world changed and that also came to the conclusion that maybe what we wanted will not happen anymore. It was then that we thought we will change the whole plan. Thinking of other things instead. 

    But, it is still the same only in another way. The Goals are the same but the How and where are slightly different in a way too.

    But you know what, If I will just analyze what happened and all the things I have been thinking. All the persuasion that I have been doing about that idea of putting everything on the web, That Was All It.

    The things that we needed to consider if we choreograph and look for students or scholars, teach them everything that most of them cannot comprehend, performing in a venue that is not a suitable one, and most of all...preparing for everything and even the contentment of us as a family to perform is missing.

    But now, everything seems to fall in its proper place. As in everything is all good. It was mapped out accordingly. The whole thing has its sole purpose and it is all perfect in a way. The map is clear and preparations are flowing just right. There is no need to consider much detail but just a few that may disturb or pop-up.

    The time has come to start doing it all and I am happy about it. Even if we think that we are in our 50's and it could be too late, well, it is not. It is just right. The challenges are even better.

    Can you imagine what we both can do in our 50's? How we can achieve more in this new means, with our kids, we can explore more possibilities that we can enjoy. It is all good.

    This is what I meant by being flexible in every way. The creation of the map is only the beginning of seeing the whole picture of what is to come because you want it.

    So, if you think you should be creating a map and it is final, it is not. It is a part of your journey and it will serve as your guide toward your goal. This goal can be yours alone, you and your family connected.

    Try to just make a draft first and then draw it as you wish. Create doodles and make it a fun activity for you. Try it now and maybe you will see things great every time you make changes as you go on.


    Good Luck.

Ana Micaela B.


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