First Day, First Site, First Hello to All.


New Leaf in Life

                        Welcome to My Blog site. 

    Tonight marks the first night of my blogging online. This site has its new Domain Name and I intend to make it serious this time. The moment I decided and got myself into the READY state, I purchased My Domain Name right away.


    Can you imagine how excited I am now that I have this?

    I started blogging with no domain name I can call my own before. I got so confused and so tired of monitoring things. It did go well at first but, Yes, they said, there is a limit in everything. The first limit I felt was the worse of all, Me. I felt like I had no distinct Home online. It is like I am just renting a place that is not mine to call. Temporary. I felt tired and unmotivated too. I thought that this is how this really goes online and I did not like it at all, until...

    I realized that I was already sitting in this pot of opportunities and I did not even know it. I was looking elsewhere and I did not seem to notice it. It was a long process for me to take a look at things since I really want to do this. I thought that If I could just learn the trade and then start in the right way, all will be well. 

    Well, I found the answers and I liked them. After all the misleading pieces of information that I read, I found good things too. Well, I just have to learn to really read and understand it. Learn from the people who are already there. Learn to know what is right and not.

    So, here I am, ready to fly while learning along the way. I know that this will take time, which is the most precious thing in the Universe, and Yes, It is worth the trip. 

    This first Blog I will publish might not be the same as I have been doing before Yet, but I will be here always. Oh Yes, It will not be the same...It will be good at this time. 

     I think that this should be the first blog anyone should publish before anything else. It is a part of a historical event in anyone's blog site that just started.

     I bet I am not the only one who is excited about this. Hmmm, maybe not that excited or more than that to some. But, never the less, that feeling should be documented because if there is someone who wishes to start a blog, well, they should read this for I know they too would feel the same.

    I just cannot wait till tomorrow to publish My First Welcome Blog because of excitement. I just want to do this before going to sleep tonight.

    This is My First Day, First Site, and First Hello to All.

    Goodnight at the same time.

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    Welcome to my Site.

Ana Micaela B.


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