8 Simple Steps to Keep Yourself Posted on Things. ( My Daily Journal #2/Jan.15, 2021 )

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A  Journal,

    Reminding myself of the things that I will be doing the next day is very challenging. It requires more than just planning the To-Do List. It started by making the Map toward the goal and then creating little goals from it. 

    Now as for you, I would like to share a few basics in planning things out. Here are My 8 Simple Steps to Keep Yourself Posted on Things.

    1. Decide on the goal.

    2. Create a Map on a big sheet of paper.

    3. Label each important item in the map according to the sequence of which to achieve first.

    4. Set a Time frame for the whole plan.

    5. Divide the time frame for each important item on the map.

    6. Then create small goals that will fit smaller time frames in the month or in the week itself.

    7. Then set daily tasks for each day to help achieve the weekly or monthly goals on the map.

    8. Then, do not forget to just put checkboxes in each task to help monitor the things done and postponed ones.

    Having these simple steps can help you start in a way that you may have more time to change or see things more clearly every time you achieve a task at hand. These may not be profound steps to take but, these did well in mine. 

    Well, when I started mapping it out, there were changes along the way as I discover things that do not fit Who I am and what I REALLY WANT to do. This is just like a brainstorming method with myself since I will have to figure things out yet. Talking to my partner helps in mapping my picture of dreams. Since he is a part of my life and he will be the first person to help me out or witness my doing, he might as well have some points to tell. Well, it is not that I ask for permission to do it or ask for any inputs for the whole project, it is just like informing him of it and listening to what he can say about it. So, do not be hesitant to tell your plans to your partner. It is not that they will be expected to do it for you, of course, you will have to do it yourself. On my part, I did.

    Since I am now posted on the things I will be doing and my family knows about it as well, there are no hesitations and doubts about what I am doing every single time I tend to do something for my goal. Keeping in mind of course that I am at home with my family and I am not alone, so my day is also filled with other things other than this.


    A good start is very important. This I say is a good start to go forward. Leaving space for flexibility of time and tasks at hand. 

    When changes came along the way, I thought that my goal is a mess but, actually, it is going well. It is just doing perfectly and I began to see a clearer picture of things.

    So, if you think you can handle the changes and the goal planning itself, even in this simple way at first, go then and make it happen. Nothing will be lost, all else will be prosperous in time.

    To assist you with, I am making samples of the tools that you can use just the same as I did. These are simple yet creative means. Your skills will be developed as you go along and it will help you in your busy day to get a space for yourself... Free Time!

    I will be publishing these tools soon and since every day we see each other here in My Daily Journal, you will be updated as to when you can have a peek at it. Make sure you are Subscribed to My Site by E-mail. Click the FOLLOW button too. Follow me as I go along with My New Blogs. I know this is new, that is good actually, you can keep up with things easily.

    In the meantime, the drafts you will be making will be a part of your brainstorming phase and as soon as you are done with that phase, you will be ready for the next.

    So, try not to be so serious yet, just take your time and enjoy the moment of annalizing things within you. Any other questions you have in mind, just leave a comment below.

    Happy Planning.

Ana Micaela B.


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